The Global EV Segment
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The introduction of Electric vehicles was a turning point for the world. Challenging the status quo of decades of fuel filled cars, which evolved over time, Electric Vehicles (EV’s) came at a time when the consumer had his pick of fancy cars. With sleek models and attractive offers, electric cars captured everyone’s imagination with the beautiful aesthetics and environmental benefits it offered.

In the last decade, we have seen a sharp upward curve since the launch of the electric vehicles. Something that was just seen as fiction and futuristic model has come to fruition thanks to the intensive research and development in this field. The global automotive industry is undergoing a paradigm shift presently in transitioning to more environment friendly , less energy intensive options. In 2020, more than 10 million electric cars were on the roads worldwide.

Despite the Covid pandemic hitting all the sectors and industries very hard, this is one segment that showed promise. Registrations increased in all major markets during Covid, which says a lot about its popularity!!! Another reason for this upsurge in orders is that electric cars started being more competitively priced. And several governments also started stepping in by providing or extending financial incentives. In May 2021, the government rolled out a scheme which will incentivize the domestic production of EV batteries and reduce the dependence on imports. This will support the EV industry with the necessary infrastructure and will significantly lead to a reduction in cost of EVs.

Amongst electric cars, battery operated electric cars dominated the segment. Recognizing the increasing demand for this, Rebolt started its foray into this highly lucrative market. Rebolt recognized the need of the consumer to be able to charge quickly, efficiently and conveniently. With all the major car manufacturers introducing an electric vehicle variant, the consumer is spoilt for choice among the various models. Automobile makers are enticing customers with models ranging from sedans to SUV’s.

Significantly, some original equipment manufacturers plan to reconfigure their product lines to produce only electric vehicles. In the first-trimester of 2021 these announcements included: Volvo will only sell electric cars from 2030Ford will only electric car sales in Europe from 2030General Motors plans to offer only electric LDVs by 2035Volkswagen aims for 70% electric car sales in Europe, and 50% in China and the United States by 2030and Stellantis aims for 70% electric cars sales in Europe and 35% in the United States.

It's not just cars, but also electric bus and truck registrations that have increased. As the electric vehicles sales increased, publicly accessible slow and fast chargers increased to 1.3 million in 2020. Sensing the need for fast charging , Rebolt took the initiative of setting up fast charging stations in India, an ever expanding market for electric vehicles. The Indian automotive industry is the fifth largest in the world and is slated to be the third largest by 2030. EV owners now demand a simpler & higher autonomy for their vehicles. Rebolt installs accessible fast chargers which facilitate longer journeys. As they are increasingly deployed, they will enable longer trips and encourage late adopters without access to private charging to purchase an electric vehicle.

India reported sales of over 300,000 EV units in 2021. The EV battery market is also projected to grow at a rate of 30 percent in the next few years. Rebolt is in the process of building the largest charging station network for EVs in this ever expanding market. With just a click, one can access the nearest charging station. While you recharge yourself with a coffee, your car can also be recharged for your next trip! Rebolt knows the value of time and ensures that you waste no time by bringing the charging station near to you. So now you will find convenient charging stations in the places that you frequent - your offices, restaurants, apartments, hotels etc.

Electric vehicles are here to stay. They are the future. By reducing the carbon footprint around the world, electric vehicles are paving the way to a cleaner future. With sustainability being the by-word, today’s consumer is conscious of the choices he/she is making.

Working hand in hand, we at Rebolt, also take utmost care of your battery health. We ensure topmost quality and reliability by making sure our chargers are fully tested and compliant with global standards.

When you choose an electric car, you know its in safe hands when you recharge with Rebolt.

The Global EV Segment
MarComm @ Rebolt 10 June, 2022
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