On-demand charging in three simple steps

Charging your EV using the Rebolt Network is just as simple as - Find, Charge, Pay & Go!


Find a Charging Station

Easily locate your nearest available charging station on a map, with our mobile app. You can either book a slot or drive in to start charging.

Charge Your Vehicle

With our IoT enabled smart chargers, you can conveniently start, track and stop charging with a click of a button.

Pay and go

Pay only for what you have used. Payments are auto-debited from your wallet as soon you finish charging. And that is it - off you go!

The Rebolt EV Charging Experience

Whether it is the quality of our chargers or our locations or the overall charging process, we strive to make your EV charging experience delightful and like no other. Here are some of our salient features.

Strong Network

We are building India's largest charging station network for EVs, so that you are always just a click away from your next charging session

Reliable Chargers

We take battery health of your EV very seriously. Our chargers are extremely reliable, fully tested and compliant with global standards.

Fast Charging

All our stations are equipped with Level 2 chargers, thus ensuring you are always just a booking away from fast charging your EV

IoT Enabled App

The IoT enabled Rebolt App gives you a charging experience like no other. Find chargers, start/stop your charging sessions and keep track of all your charging activity - all in one place!

Secure Payments

With the Rebolt Wallet, paying for your charging sessions is a breeze. Top-up your wallet with our quick & secure payment process and your payments are auto-debited as soon as your stop charging.

Great Rewards

Earn Bolts when you charge your EV with us. Use your Bolts balance to make payments for your future charging sessions. And yes, your Bolt balance never expires!

We are where you are!

We understand the value of time. Hence, our chargers are strategically located at places you visit the most and at least for a few hours. We are in Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Offices, Apartments and many places, so that when you are enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or catching a movie with family, your EV is getting charged for your next trip!


Restaurants, cafes, micro-breweries and more


Top hotels, resorts, service apartments and BnBs

Office Spaces

Co-working spaces and office complexes


Apartment complexes and gated communities

The Rebolt App

Simple, easy and intuitive interface for a smooth EV charging experience