Introducing Rebolt
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We have seen a global shift towards electric cars thanks to the increasing petrol and diesel costs which don't look like it's coming down anytime soon! A person spends a lot of time and money on one’s daily commute to work and back, so shifting to electric cars is worth it as you save money in the long run. Electric Vehicles (EV) have also now captured the India consumers imagination and sales have steadily been rising.  A report by India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) projects that the Indian EV market will grow at a rate of 36 percent till 2026. Can you imagine that? We are going to have so many EVs as a part of our mainstream traffic! As opposed to a while back when it was difficult to garner support, now the Indian government is religiously pushing for the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EV), which will ensure a cleaner environment and reduce India's oil import bills in the near future. With pollution also being a major concern plaguing India, Electrification of the transport sector results in increased energy efficiency and reduced local pollution. EVs have environmental benefits as compared to hybrids or other vehicles as they can help minimize noise levels, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. EVs can bring significant changes for the society not only in providing transportation services but also shifting the dependence on petroleum; and reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from the transportation sector which disrupts the ecosystem. EVs are major assets for a sustainable energy future. EV comprises e-buses, e-bikes, e-cars, e-scooters, and e-railways too.

Some of the main concerns of a potential EV buyer is the time taken to recharge their EV as well as anxiety of the lack of charging points/ stations. This limits their radius of movement as they may not have access to a charging station enroute to their long distance destination. This is where REBOLT comes to the rescue. Rebolt presents you with a revolutionary way of charging your EV. Rebolt aims to create the widest & the most trusted EV charging network in the world. We wish to make it easy to switch to sustainable energy thereby reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. Rebolt challenges the status quo and provides a solution to the problem of lack of charging infrastructure. 

Rebolt believes in making your charging experience as seamless and smooth as possible. We believe your charging should be easy, fast and enjoyable. We ensure our convenient and fast charging stations are always present at the places you commonly visit, thus making sure you have access to the nearest EV charging station in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do at the very beginning is download our App on your mobile device, which is available on both the Playstore and the Apple store.

Once you register on the app, we have made the process as short & simple as possible - just 3 steps - Find, Charge, Pay & Go!

  1. Finding a charging station - Open the Rebolt app and find your nearest charging station. You have the option of either booking a slot (saves time in waiting!) or directly drive in to start charging.
  2. Charge your vehicle - Our loT enabled smart chargers allow you to easily start, track or stop charging with the click of a button and at great speed.
  3. Pay and go - U only pay for what you have used and don't need to worry about being overcharged! The payment will be auto debited from your wallet as soon as you finish charging. That's it, you're done!

There is a reason why Rebolt is emerging as a market leader. Our strong network will ensure that you always have a charging station nearby. For us at Rebolt, your EV’s battery health is our top priority hence we take extreme care that our chargers are fully compliant with global standards. The Rebolt app makes sure that you have access to the nearest charging station at your fingertips and lets you track all your activity without any hassles. Not only is it fast to charge up your car through our charging station, but we also make the payment process quick & secure by auto debiting the Rebolt wallet. And how can we not reward our loyal customers??!!!  Every time you charge at our station, you earn Bolts which you can redeem when you charge the next time!

With Rebolt, consumers always have a reliable partner for their journeys. Whether it’s commuting within the city or taking a road trip and making lifelong memories, Rebolt has you covered every every mile of the way.

Introducing Rebolt
MarComm @ Rebolt 27 May, 2022
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