Electric Cars – A Step Forward

We have seen and heard a lot about the pollution contributing to global warming. We have all contributed in some way or the other to this crisis through unconscious usage of resources with no thought about the aftereffects. One of the largest sources of pollution in almost all countries is transportation. With an increasing number of vehicles on our roads every year, we need to recognize the consequences to the environment and how it will impact us and the future generations to come. Climate change is not a distant danger, it's already happening. So the steps to make the changes also have to be made now.

It's not just the environment. But also, our own health gets affected by this. We have seen in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, that smog and climate change has affected multitudes of people even with the best immune systems. Adopting the choice of Electric vehicles or EVs will result in boosting public health. Lesser pollution leads to improved air quality which in turn gives us cleaner air to breathe, thereby improving our overall health. With this in mind, Rebolt has started building charging stations in these tier-one cities at every convenient location you usually visit. Your coffee shop, restaurant, mall, hotel, apartment, office space - all these places will have a charging station for you to easily charge your vehicle while you are happily sipping on a coffee, sharing a meal, or visiting a friend. 

With skyrocketing fuel costs (which won't be coming down anytime soon!) and the environmental impact of the carbon emissions from our fuel-driven vehicles, owning a gas-powered vehicle in these times can be a costly affair indeed. 

When we think of Electric vehicles, the first advantage that springs to our mind is saving those eye-watering fuel prices!  Nowadays people are getting anxious when it's time to refuel their car! And there is no avoiding that. Here is where Electric vehicles play the role of a superhero and save the day. The cost of recharging an electric vehicle at Rebolt or any charging station is just a fraction of what you would pay to refuel is a huge relief on your finances. Who wouldn’t like to see their savings grow!

 Another advantage that an electric vehicle user feels good about is doing his/her part for the environment. Electric vehicles are fully eco-friendly as the energy source is clean and it does not pollute the environment by emitting smoke or gases either. 

Gas-powered engines have far more parts and require regular maintenance check-ups of the spark plugs, fuel filter replacement, oil changes, etc. Electric vehicles have fewer parts and thereby require lower maintenance as compared to traditional vehicles. Due to this, they also tend to weigh less and accelerate faster and provide a quieter & smoother drive making it a pleasurable ride. Vehicle noise can lead to many not-so-obvious negative impacts such as increased anxiety, depression, high BP, stroke, not to mention road rage. The reduced noise pollution makes for a peaceful driving and living environment without all the background commotion. 

India is embracing this wave of EVs wholeheartedly. Reports suggest India’s EV market would grow by a whopping 90% by 2030! With governments all over the world providing encouraging measures through subsidies and regulations, consumers have already accepted the new reality that EVs are here to stay. There will, of course, be continuous R&D, leading to better and more improved battery and technology as more and more people jump on the bandwagon. 

Electric vehicles now include cars, transit buses, trucks of all sizes, and even big-rig tractor-trailers that are at least partially powered by electricity. With a vision of building 4000 recharging stations all over India, Rebolt is setting up a trusted network for the Indian consumer, making it easier to transition into the EV segment with an infrastructure already in place.  

With a host of options available from every auto manufacturer, Indian consumers are spoilt for choice. EVs are certainly the future of the automobile industry. With partners like Rebolt to support you every mile of your journey, there is every reason to make the shift into a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. This is one trend that you definitely want to follow!

Electric Cars – A Step Forward
MarComm @ Rebolt 23 June, 2022
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